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In the year 2018 ZWEI GmbH celebrates its tenth anniversary – a milestone in our company’s history. Since we were founded in 2008 much has happened, but one thing has remained unaltered: the down to earth manner in which we conduct our business. And, of course, our passion for form, colour and design which is reflected in our bags.

But ZWEI was not always in the same happy state it is in today. Way back, we started out with cycling bags which combined functionality, technical refinement and design quality. It was an idea that at first showed great promise, but it proved a flop, and bags were left on the shelves. After long crisis meetings and much head-scratching we implemented all sorts of strategies to fire up sales and so to rescue the whole project. All to no avail. We were forced to acknowledge that ZWEI GmbH was close to collapse. Should we give up or press on? We decided to gamble on a new start, and staked everything on one throw of the dice. From practical bags for cyclists would come practical bags for women. We would try out new shapes and colours, observe customers’ reactions and above all win back the trust of retailers – those were our new challenges. And they led us to success.

With our MADEMOISELLE.M M15 in 2009 we struck a chord with customers, and the first batch was sold out within a week. Since then we’ve been on an unbroken upwards trend and we are continually extending our range, with models including the CONNY, SIENNA, OLLI and SALUT introduced this year.

We have stayed true to our founding principles: classic designs and high quality materials which speak for themselves and are not dependent on passing fashion. Yet the wide palette of colours which we offer in all of our ranges lets them combine with and pick up on current trends. So our bags stay just as they should be: daily companions, simultaneously classical, modern and practical. Behind this success is our team, who with their personal approachability and all-round service are always accessible to our customers, as well as over 1300 retailer. And of course the trust of our customers.


ZWEI - so fing alles an. from ZWEI on Vimeo.

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