Material and Care


General information about (our) leather:

Leather is animal hide, preserved by tanning, and with additional treatments according to its intended application. Depending on what is required, this can result in e.g. tough shoe leather or silky-soft leather for clothing. Naturally, every different species has a different type of hide with different characteristics, so each needs to be used in an appropriate application.

We use only top quality calf leather. This can be categorised according to the colour application or pigmentation process into a variety of types of leather: aniline leather, semi-aniline leather or pigmented leather.

Aniline leather has no surface colouring, and semi-aniline leather has only very little. On both of these types of leather, hair pores are still clearly visible. Pigmented leather (also called pigment coated leather) has a heavier coloured layer, and the hair pores are no longer visible.

When it comes to pigmentation, it is the properties required of the leather which guides the tanner. If no coloured layer is applied (as with aniline leather), the leather will fade more quickly, and it is sensitive to stains. However, it has the finest texture, and feels soft and warm. A thin colour layer (semi-aniline leather) provides moderate protection but without compromising the soft texture. Pigment coated leather gains great protection from its thicker colour layer, but it loses the soft texture and feels cooler and firmer. It would be great if a leather which was as soft as aniline leather yet as durable as pigment coated leather existed – but unfortunately that’s just not possible to achieve technically.

Characteristics and handling: Leather is an (enhanced) natural product. So it’s quite possible that small scars, insect bites or folds – natural features, in other words – will be visible. It will also change over time in response to usage, light and its environment. This process is completely normal, and results in the leather’s own individual patina. The higher quality the leather is, the less treatment it is given, and hence the more sensitively it reacts. Aniline leather is just such an untreated leather, and over time it will develop a wonderful patina.

If fading, marks, scratches etc. become objectionable, the leather should be cleaned and treated with a leather care product. The earlier you start doing this the longer it will remain beautiful and supple. When cleaning and applying care products, please always be aware of the type of leather you have. If you are uncertain, please do ask us or a leather specialist.

Always treat your leather only with appropriate care agents, and steer clear of experimenting with shoe or cosmetics creams and the like. There is no cleaning and care product which is suitable for every type of leather, so the product must be matched to your particular type of leather.

Pigment coated leather

Pigment coated leather, also known as pigmented leather, is also a smooth leather. After the dyeing process a pigmented colour finish is applied which is so thick that the grain and skin pores of the leather are completely covered over. This coloured layer makes the leather less sensitive to moisture and marks from use, but as a result it is also not quite so soft to the touch.

Care: If necessary, wipe the bag or wallet with a damp cloth. For heavier soiling use a mild leather cleaner (do not rub too hard). Finally, the leather should be nourished with a thin treatment of leather grease (dubbin). Depending on the level of use, this process (treatment and care) should be repeated every three to six months.

Applications: Automobile leather, leisure jackets, motorbike leathers, furniture leather, shoes, bags.

Our ranges from pigment coated leather:


Our synthetic leather is a combination of a textile carrier fabric and a polyurethane (PU) coating which has its surface embossed with a leather texture. Thanks to this modern PU material our synthetic leather bags can be easily cleaned in the washing machine, something that was not possible with previous synthetic leathers made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

Here’s how to help your handbag last even longer:

  • Don’t overload your bag with too much weight, and avoid contact with sharp or abrasive items.
  • It’s no problem if your bag gets wet, but please do ensure it is dried thoroughly afterwards.

Care: You can clean your synthetic leather handbag with a damp cloth.

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