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The OLLI collection includes unisex rucksacks and bags with a sporty chic look. Robust synthetic leather and water-repellant Polyester fabric mean these styles sit easily on your shoulder. Inside they are fitted out practicality with slip pocket, smartphone holder and a zipped compartment.

10 Models

Our M.WALLETS are large purses made from synthetic leather. They are available in 14 colour schemes which perfectly complement the colours of the MADEMOISELLE.M collection.

1 Model

In this collection of lightweight bags and backpacks made from high quality synthetic leather you'’ll find a bag to match any outfit among the huge palette of over 30 colours. They have a pretty patterned internal lining and practical internal dividers.

13 Models

The CONNY-collection ist fashionable and yet classic. The subtle colours match every outfit and the material provides a special touch.

8 Models

The CHERIE collection, encompassing the CH10 and CH12 models, is made from high quality synthetic leather. The minimalist design of both styles puts the 9 distinctive colours of this line front and centre.

2 Models

LISETTE is a collection packed with lovingly crafted details, for example the plaited carry strap and the decorative lozenges on the side inserts. This range includes two sizes and five colours.

2 Models

The five leaterette styles of the VINTAGE collection, in six colours, look confusingly like real leather bags and purses. Studs, buckles and the made-from-many-pieces style give them their charming raw vintage look.

5 Models

The JANA handbag collection contains two models: mid-sized (J10) and large (J12) shoulder bags. Both styles have a classic cut, and are available in five colours in a two-tone effect.

JANA-WALLETS: Patterns of holes, quilting and patchwork meet gentle pastel colours, warm red and a velvety blue: this exciting fusion, crafted in soft synthetic leather, is a pleasure both to the eye and to the touch.

4 Models

The two-colour EVA purse covers all seasons of the year, from the fresh brightness of spring to the more muted tones of winter.

1 Model

Models in this collection are both bike bags AND shoulder bags. The range spans three sizes: the smaller OC8, the medium OC17 and OC21, plus the spacious OC15 Tote Bag.

4 Models

The FERDI collection covers three styles: the FE12 shoulder bag and the FE14 and FE16 models, which in moments convert from bags to rucksacks. With its attractive mix of materials this collection combines a two-tone effect in ground synthetic leather with characterful quilted-pattern polyester.

3 Models

Vivid or discreet? This bag collection provides both with its three models. The characteristic patchwork patterns are available in soft pastel colours or in bright facets of blue, green and red.

3 Models

Tough leather, natural colouring, straps and buckles – all features which make the lovely SIENNA the perfect accompaniment for your boots. Other types of footwear will, of course, also be delighted to have such an attractive companion.

2 Models

A modern style, clever functionalities and the softest leatherette – that´s how the convertible RESI bags can be best decribed.

1 Model

With its decorative strap and buckle elements, the KARLA bags are attractive everyday companions - like their sisters, the Sienna bags, but without the use of leather.

2 Models

This range consists of two models: the lightweight SU1 loop scarf and the SU2 Autumn/Winter shawl, each packed in a lovely gift box with display window. Because the SALUT colours match our other ranges, we have a colour-matching bag in our collection to go with every scarf.

3 Models

The NECESSAIREs are light and bright accessory bags for all sorts of smaller bits and pieces. They can be used either as "Bag in Bag" or stand-alone, for example as make-up bags.

These bags are also especially popular with parents of small children for nappies, drinks bottles, toys, medication etc. With the many different colours they are easy to organise and to distinguish. All NECESSAIREs have a strap with a karabiner on the end.

3 Models
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